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Opening TSH Boxyard!

Opening a second location was WAY easier than opening the first! We knew what we needed and didn't need. We know our best sellers so we doubled up on ordering. We got in our bags, signage, register, product and BAM we have our second location! Okay.. I might have made that sound easy and sure there were some challenges but for us we opened a SECOND STORE. It's a big deal! :)

We are absolutely thrilled to bring our brand to the Tulsa area! We decided a few years back that this would be a goal and this month we NAILED it! Opening in Tulsa and especially at The Boxyard is perfect for TSH. It's a destination spot for out-of-towners and a local trend spot for Tulsans. We are exactly what The Boxyard needed. We are the only children's shop in the shopping complex! Stop by and see us at our 2nd location! 

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