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We made an incredibly risky decision right before the 4th quarter to relocate! Downtown Owasso is booming and the energy is contagious. We knew we wanted to be included in this major development for this community. Our first day of business was Black Friday. What an amazing journey it was to relocate, design, and move a 2000 square foot store to a 1098 square foot store!! I know what you're thinking, "they're crazy", "this isn't a good idea", "that's a really small space".. trust me, we've heard all the naysayers opinions. We did it anyway. We went with our gut instinct and MOVED. We opened and turned a corner for the better. It's hard to described in words the vibe down here. You just have to see, feel, and walk it to understand "it". GAME CHANGER for The Steel Horse. We started in a cool downtown area in Spring, TX(9 years ago this April.. YES 9!) and this brings back a lot of good feelings. The smaller space is what we need.. hello, we sell small things. LOL.

Thank you so much to my family. They have moved me and my little slice of heaven a few times now. They are my biggest support system and believe in me so much. Danny created us an incredible marketing image to hype up our move and our customers shared the good word throughout the community like it was breaking news... well, it was! I mean, we've been dressing all the babies and toddlers in this community for 6 years now. What a special job I get to have and thank you Owasso and surrounding families for supporting our small family business.

Come see us in the Redbud District!

201 S. Main Street, Suite 170

Owasso, OK 74055


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