• Elephant:

    • Pocket-sized pachyderm comes with an Elephant Enthusiasts' Guide packed with facts.
    • You'll also find an adoption certificate you can customize to your elephant's uniqueness.
    • Everything's better with an elephantastic friend!



    • Cuddle up with this mini plush sea turtle!
    • Then open the How to Hug a Sea Turtle guide to learn about these majestic marine creatures.
    • Learn about different sea turtle species, amazing turtle feats, what makes up that spectacular shell, and more.
    • Trace the journey of a sea turtle from egg to adulthood, and discover what you can do to help protect our oceans.



    • These shy beasts hail from the forests of Madagascar, and are found nowhere else on Earth.
    • Visit their world with the ''How to Love a Lemur'' booklet inside.
    • Learn what makes lemurs so awesome, how a lemur lives, and why their toes are amazing.
    • Find out who's boss in lemur town, and what a baby lemur has in common with a backpack.
    • Then snuggle up with your plush ring-tailed friend!
    • The perfect gift for aficionados of all things adorable!



    • By adopting this young Sasquatch, you pledge to act as its guardian, mentor, and friend.
    • Rescue Kit includes lovable plush Bigfoot and 16-page Caregivers Guide with adoption certificate, informative text, and nurturing advice.
    • A great gift for aficionados of all things adorable!



    • Hug a Llama Kit comes with the mini plush llama and mini ''How to Llove a Llama Guide.''
    • Softcover guidebook features llama facts and fancies, as well as an adoption certificate, suggested names, and other places to fill in the little details that make your llama unique.



    • Snuggle up with your new plush, brushy-tailed friend and open the ''Fox Hugger's Guide'' to learn whether foxes live up to their wily reputation!
    • Discover foxes around the world.
    • Read about fox legends and myths.
    • Get a glimpse into the fox social scene
    • Find out what the fox says.



    • Hug a Narwhal Kit comes with a mini plush narwhal with a sparkly tusk!
    • Mini caregiver's book within will guide your journey through the secret world of the ''unicorn whale.''
    • Narwhal's head and tusk extends up and out of the box.
    • Everything's better with a tusk-y friend!



    • The Unicorn Companion's Guide within contains an adoption certificate and covers everything you need to know about raising unicorns, from the history of and legends about these magical creatures, to signs that your young charge is learning to use her powers.
    • Everything's better with an enchanted friend!

    Peter Pauper Rescue Kit


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