First Birthday

WARNING!!! Inside this Stork Box are trendsetting items! Use at your own risk! You will be stopped multiple times and complimented on how adorable your child is! If you post videos/pics of your child in TSH Stork Box gear, they WILL GO VIRAL!!! TSH just asks that when your little one becomes an instant celebrity you mention the world's greatest children's boutique!

*(now the boring description)
The TSH Stork Box is a one of a kind gift for your little one! Each box is unique and packed specially for you based on the gender you select. Onesies, sunglasses, bows, ties, socks, toys and teethers are just some of the possible items you could find in your Stork Box! If you are sending this box as a gift be sure to include a note on the order and we'll hand write it for you!

Shipping is free and while we currently don't offer an automated monthly subscription, if you are interested in a monthly Stork Box please let us know!

*TSH Stork Box (First Birthday) comes with 2-3 First Birthday items of various brands in 12-18 months.

First Birthday Stork Box